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CELINA — On June 1, we told the story of Isabella.

“She was misdiagnosed as deaf. She also had some other medical issues,” Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said at the time. “She underwent some surgery on her eyes to make sure she could see a little bit better.”

What we didn’t know was that her forever family was taking in her troubled tale on the other side of the TV screen.

“If we didn’t watch you guys’ news and didn’t see her, I don`t know where we’d be,” Joe Kolesar said. “We love her.”

The Kolesar family didn’t think they were ready for a dog at the time, but then they saw Izzy.

“I think she kind of gave us more of a second chance, to be honest,” Kolesar said. “It sounds pretty cheesy. We lost our two puppies we had for 11 years, and I didn’t think something could fill that void, but she did.”

She was one of the more timid dogs we’ve had on Ruff Life.

“She was frozen in fear,” Edman said. “We couldn’t even take her outside. We literally had to pick her up and carry her outside so she could use the bathroom.”

Come to find out, she just needed a family — particularly one with a set of triplet siblings!

“She’s actually learning to kind of protect them a little bit,” Joe Kolesar said. “She kinda gets in front of them a little bit when they wrestle around or play. She just fits right in. She’s been, honestly, the easiest piece.”

A complete transformation for the Dogo Argentino, and a perfect representation why Dallas Pets Alive! even exists.

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