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DALLAS  — When MarGogh was picked up off the streets, it was clear some “artistic license” has been taken.

“We don’t know, we kind of don’t want to know how, but she was missing one of her ears,” says Haley Edman, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive!

The results? Well, it wasn’t going to be on display at any museum.

“The ear was red and pink, and you could really tell it was infected,” says Edman.

Dallas Animal Services called on Dallas Pets Alive! to find a vet to fix MarGogh’s “van Gogh moment.”

“What Dr. Carey at Vet Ranch did was remove all the scabs and clean out the ear canal. And luckily, she could still hear out of it,” says Edman.

With her hearing saved, MarGogh went on tour.

“The moment we saw her, we knew we had to have her,” says her new owner Victoria. “Definitely the one ear, it makes her very unique.”

Now, her home has given her a new name that just exudes sophistication.

“We’re both in the fashion industry, so we named her we named her Miuccia after Prada,” explains Victoria. “Miuccia is Prada’s first name.”

But Miuccia’s high couture new home hasn’t made her aloof.

“She is so much happiness and always on the go,” says Hunter.

No doubt about it, Miuccia is definitely in style.

Ruff Life film shoots are hosted by Underdog Kennels which donates 20% of its kennel space to Dallas Pets Alive!