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When Dallas Pets Alive! found Ava, she was ready to give birth within the next week.

“Her tummy was actually rubbing the ground as she walked,” says Suleika Bloom, fundraising director for Dallas Pets Alive. “She was ready to pop.”

But when it came time, things started to go wrong — very wrong.

“They rushed her to the vet to see if something was medically wrong,” says Bloom. “It turned out that a puppy was stuck in the birth canal.”

It took an emergency doggie c-section and only four of the puppies made it.

“If she would have had those puppies on the street in this situation, nobody might have survived that,” says Bloom.

The good news is Ava has kicked the baby weight and still has the energy of her puppies.

“Even though she’s been through so much so fast, she’s a perfect lady and as you can imagine she’s a very well-mannered loving loyal dog.”

All of Ava’s puppies have been adopted and now it’s up to you to give this Mama a home.