Ruff Life: Look Into Those Baby Blues and Darcey Will Make You Hers

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DALLAS — Darcey’s early life was, needless to say, a bit crowded. And unlike the famous 101 Dalmatians, it wasn’t nearly as loving.

“Someone had a hoarding situation at their home,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. “The dogs were just breeding with each other.”

And they were stuck until…

“She was part of a 40 animal seizure,” Edman said.

Off to Dallas Animal Services she and her buddies went. It wasn’t a snap of the fingers and an immediately better life, though.

“She was terribly frightened when all of our volunteers went up to the shelter,” Edman said. “She would shake and shiver and did not want anything to do with human contact.”

She did have one comfort at DAS at least.

“She was put in the kennel with another dog she was rescued with. She really gets her confidence with other dogs,” Edman said.

While she works on her timid temperament, a Fido-friendly family is what’s best for Darcey dog.

“She’s just really affectionate and patient and kind and really would do well in a home with dogs and cats,” Edman said.

Despite her nervous nature, Darcey has her charms. That starts with those hypnotic blue eyes, and this modest miss certainly minds her manners.

“She is potty trained, and she’s learned how to love humans again,” Edman said.

She may have grown up as one out of millions, but it’s time to show Darcey she’s one in a million to you.

If you think you could help Darcey or other dogs and cats who need a home, check out Dallas Pets Alive!

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