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DALLAS — When it comes to lost puppies at the shelter, it seemed like Lemmon was lucky. She had a microchip, so it was easy to find her owner.

“(Dallas Animal Services) contacted the owners and the owners didn’t want her,” said Holly Sampson.

Talk about a bummer. Even though she was young and healthy, folks looking to adopt were looking at Lemon like she was well, a lemon!

“She was outshined by tiny dogs, and crazy wild colored looking dogs,” Sampson said. “She is just beautiful, tan with little black markings and you’ll see a lot of stray dogs that look like her.”

It took a little time, but Lemon’s luck changed when a family looking to make an upgrade in the pet department showed up.

“Our hermit crabs died, so were in the market for something a little more permanent,” Angennette Murry said.

Lemon has only been with her new family about a week, but so far nothing has gone sour.

“We’re still in the adjustment phase, so I feel like I need to knock on wood but so far so good,” Murray said. “She is very calm, very smart. She learns behaviors very quickly.”

Lemon’s been even faster at making herself a part of the family.

“The kids love her and she just wants to play,” said Jason Murry.

That is what you call turning lemons into lemonade!