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DALLAS — When Jagger showed up at the shelter, he was no jumpin’ jack flash. In fact, he was pretty banged up.

“He was very thin and he had a puncture wound on his body,” said  Holly Morgan, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive! “That could have come from a car hitting him from a fight with another dog.”

With his scarred past, it was hard for Jagger to get any satisfaction.

“Jagger was initially so shy and so unwilling to meet people and to approach people that the foster’s big challenge was making him comfortable in all kinds of settings,” Morgan said.

Slowly, but surely, Jagger found his moves.

“He loves people now,” said Morgan. “He’s still a tiny bit cautious with men, but he warms up really fast.”

Even with his budding personality and glamorous golden brown fur, the myth of the large dog has kept him waiting nine months for a “fur-ever” home.

“People think they need a huge yard or a huge house, and that’s not always necessarily true,” Morgan said . “It more depends on the temperament of the dog, and he’s a really easygoing boy.”

Now Jagger just needs someone to give him shelter.