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DALLAS — She was a stray on the street and a new mama dog. The odds were definitely stacked against Lady Bug.

“Imagine nursing puppies when you’re not even getting the adequate nutrition yourself,” says Suleika Bloom, Fundraising Director for Dallas Pets Alive! “It takes a toll on the dog.”

The plight of the puppies is unknown, but it probably didn’t end well. Lady Bug barely made it herself.

“She was just skin and bones on the brink of starvation,” says Bloom. “She was flea infested. She was just a sad dog to look at.”

But luckily, Lady Bug made it to the shelter and then to Dallas Pets Alive!

“She landed in an amazing foster home and nursed her back to health,” says Bloom. “Now she is a super sweet absolutely healthy dog.”

She is one bright bug too.

“She knows sit. She knows shake. She is crate trained and leash trained,” says Bloom. “She loves to go on walks.”

And she’s got a bit of a sweet tooth.

“She is obsessed with peanut butter! If you want to get on Lady Bug’s good side, just give her some peanut butter and she will love you forever.”

Now it’s time for someone to catch the “love bug” and take this lady home.