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DALLAS — A new momma living on the streets with a litter of five puppies. Lacey Lu was a single mom in a challenging situation.

“It’s really not an ideal place to have a litter of puppies out on the streets,” says Haley Edman, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive! “They are not going to get the nutrition that they need.”

The entire brood ended up at the shelter, and Lacey Lu’s puppies were snatched up quickly, but this blue-eyed momma dog was looked over.

“She wasn’t even put out on the adoption floor just because she was shy,” says Edman. “We don’t really think that’s a good reason not to adopt out a dog.”

DPA got her out of the shelter and into a foster home. They knew she’d grow out of this whole “wallflower” thing.

“She takes a little time to warm up to you, but once she does, she is going to be your best friend,” says Edman.

And get this: Lacey Lu comes pre-trained with some tricks.

“Her foster mom has trained her. She has the best manners and etiquette. She sits on command,” Edman explains.

Just don’t mistake her good behavior for being boring.

“She is spunky. She loves to play, she loves trails,” says Edman. “If you are looking for an active dog, she would be the one for you.”

So Lacey Lu, with her eyes of blue, just might be the dog for you!