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DALLAS — A stray off the street, Jack hit the road with a host of problems.

“He looked pretty bad,” says Holly Morgan, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive! “He was emaciated, he was sick, he had heart worms.”

He was a big boy and a pit bull. A lot of people weren’t going to take a chance and sing a duet with Jack.

“He was 50 pounds when he was found on the street. Now that he’s healthy, he’s put on 20 more. So, he is 70 pounds of muscle,” says Morgan. “That means not everyone will work with him.”

But Candice Aaron knew that a big dog just meant that there was more of Jack to love.

“He is an incredible gentleman, he’s incredibly well-behaved, he is literally gentle,” says Aaron.

Jack’s gentlemanly nature has made some folks rethink their opinions of pit bulls.

“There are many who are afraid of him when they see him out and about,” says Aaron. “They will grab their children and be really worried until they realize how nice he is.”

Now with all his good fortune, Jack has decided he wants to give back.

“Jack just earned his K9 good citizen certification,” says Aaron. “He can start to work in hospitals and work with children in therapy situations. When you see a giant pit bull walking down the hallway of a children’s hospital, that right there is a stereotype buster.”

He may have been born in a “crossfire hurricane,” but now it’s all right for Jack.