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DALLAS — Pumpkin’s ghostly tale begins as a new mother trying to take care of her puppies on the streets of Dallas.

“She took really good care of her puppies, but luckily, did not manage to be in too bad of shape herself since they were living on the street,” says Holly Sampson, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive!

But Pumpkin still bore some scars from her life of hard knocks

“She had some eye issues and a urinary tract infection, but that’s all been cleared up,” says Sampson.

Pumpkin had to watch as her offspring were quickly spirited away.

“Those puppies of course as puppies do have already found homes,” says Sampson.

But none of this has left Pumpkin with a ghoulish disposition.

“She doesn’t have any behavior issues,” says Sampson. “She still has a lot of energy. She is a young girl.”

Now Pumpkin is ready to find a new patch.

“She’s shown herself to be really good with people and really good with other dogs. She’s not overly cautious and she’s not fearful,” explains Sampson.

And this is the right moment for Pumpkin to make your Halloween great.

Ruff Life film shoots are hosted by Underdog Kennels which donates 20% of its kennel space to Dallas Pets Alive!