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DALLAS — Pete the Puppy had a trifecta of problems when Dallas Pets Alive! first found him.

“He had a badly broken back leg. He had intestinal parasites. He had road rash all over the bottom half of his body,” explained Holly Sampson, Marketing Director for Dallas Pets Alive!

It didn’t take long before Pete’s broken leg turned into a “got to go” situation.

“When they lose a limb, in any case, they have to learn how to walk and get around again,” said Sampson. “But it’s been easier and faster for him to learn how to do that as a puppy because he’s not a fully formed individual yet. Just like with people, it’s tougher when you’re an adult.”

Three legs hasn’t slowed Pete down one bit.

“He hops around and runs. He’s the fastest one in the house to get up on the couch. He’s a happy, really great boy now,” she said.

Even with everything he’s been through, Pete still has plenty of life ahead of him.

“He’s not even a year old. He’s still a puppy. He’s grown a bit. He’s filled out some. The tripod doesn’t seem to bother him.”

Now he’s got an even better “three-peat” to brag about.

“He is the happiest, sweetest, and kissiest dog you will ever meet,” Sampson said.