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DALLAS – Emmitt Smith, the dog, started off his career on the injured reserve.

“He actually was heartworm positive, had a couple of dewclaws he had to get removed and some fly bites on his ears,” Haley Edman, of   Dallas Pets Alive! said.

These injuries meant Emmitt, unlike his namesake, was no first round draft pick.

“He was at Dallas Animal Services and they loved him so much that they put him on the adoption floor, however, he kept getting overlooked,” Edman said.

After some intense rehab, Emmitt Smith is back in the game. But he’s not exactly looking to start breaking tackles any time soon.

“He’s not as active as some big dogs would be,” Edman said. “He definitely wants to be in a home with somebody who is going to cuddle with him and not mind a 50-pound lap dog.”

It’s safe to say he has a lot more in common with Emmitt Smith today, then Emmitt Smith circa 1995.

“He is more in his retirement phase,” says Edman.

Emmitt is a great teammate too. After all, he’s used to living around lots of other top dogs at Underdog Kennels.

“He is super dog-friendly, he is leash trained, house trained,” Edman said. “Basically he’s a plug-and-play dog who would be perfect for anybody’s house.”

Now it’s up to you to get Emmitt Smith inducted into the “Furr-ever Home” Hall of Fame

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