Ruff Life: Hazel Breaks Free From Her Chain

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DALLAS — A passerby spotted Hazel in a front yard, malnourished and struggling against a chain and instantly knew something was wrong.

“It wasn’t just a little chain that you would see on a dog, it was a very thick chain,” says Dallas Pets Alive! fundraising director Suleika Bloom.

Chained up is no way for any animal to live.

“When you chain up a dog, it leaves them in a dangerous situation where they could choke themselves, and it’s physically and emotionally neglectful,” says Bloom. “If you don`t have the time and want to chain up your dog, maybe it`s not a good idea to have a dog.”

Hazel was able to ‘break’ the chain when the passerby convinced her former owner to surrender her to the shelter. And that’s when Dallas Pets Alive! met this mistreated Pit Bull.

“We were happy to take her into our program. Once she was free from the horrible chain, she finally learned what it means to be a family pet,” says Bloom.

Despite all she’s been through, Hazel never lost her spirit.

”She always wags her tail and is always happy to see you,” says Bloom.

Now that Hazel is off the chain gang, she just needs a home where she can run free furr-ever.

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