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DALLAS — First he got caught and then he got a name.

“We’ll call you Gus,” Cinderella told the chubby little mouse in the Disney classic.

“Gus Gus!” the mouse approved.

Not too different from the Gus who’s still looking for love and a home here in Dallas. Ours wasn’t just homeless, though! He was sick too!

“When he first came into Dallas Pets Alive’s program, he was actually heartworm positive,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

They got that taken care of thanks the dog loving community.

“Through the wonderful donations that Dallas Pets Alive! gets in through the community, we were able to provide the treatment that Gus needed to get better,” Edman said at Boarding Bungalow – Las Colinas.

Once he was heart healthy, it was time to take care of the other disparity between the duo.

Their weight!

In the beginning, our guy Gus was skin and bones. Now, he’s hearty and ready to party!

He loves to play.

“He loves a rope bone, so if you have another dog, he can play tug of war with that dog,” Edman said.

And really, there’s only one thing he wants more than a tug of war.

“What he loves most is following his foster around,” Edman said. “He adores humans and just really wants to be everywhere you are.”

It appears he’s got potential as a snuggle buddy too.

‘Cinderellie’ got her ‘Gus Gus’. Why not grab one of your own?

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