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DALLAS — Genie was an owner surrender. Unfortunately, that fast tracked this pit bull to doggie death row.

“People think, ‘oh if I take my dog to the shelter that will be a safe place for them.’ But unfortunately, when the shelter runs out of room those are the first dogs they euthanize,” said Dallas Pets Alive!  fundraising director Suleika Bloom.

But Dallas Pets Alive! came to the rescue.

“We actually picked her up the day she was scheduled to be euthanized,” Bloom explained. “She had a urinary tract infection. She had an upper respiratory infection. she was infested with fleas and she had what’s called hip dysplasia.”

All those problems were solved in time for Genie to find someone new to rub her the right way.

“I knew I wanted her when I saw her picture, but I really knew I wanted her when I saw her in person because she was so sweet,” said new owner Aryana Khanzadeh.

Now in a “fur-ever” home, she’s got a new name: Ruca.

“She’s so affectionate, someone I can always hug and kiss on,” said Khanzadeh.

Ruca has even started to debunk some of the bad rap on pit bulls.

“When I walked her for the first time I noticed that other people were really cautious with their dogs around her,” Khanzadeh explained. “But now she’s done a really good job of squashing all those stereotypes. Now she’s the most popular dog on the block.”

Yup, this is one popular pit!