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DALLAS – When Flower was delivered to Dallas Animal Services, it was pretty obvious she had just delivered puppies, but they were nowhere to be found.

“She was puppy less,” says Suleika Bloom, fundraising director for Dallas Pets Alive! This momma dog adopted a litter of abandoned puppies at the shelter.

“It was the perfect fit and lucky enough, Flower was there and she generously nursed these puppies back to health and got them so they could be adoptable,” says Bloom.

Those healthy, cute puppies were quickly claimed, like puppies always are, but Flower was stuck in the shelter for over a month. Her chances were looking grim.

“You know what happens to dogs who stay in the shelter for too long,” says Bloom. “They are at risk for being euthanized.”

Dallas Pets Alive! rescued her at the 11th hour. But then, Flower’s foster family moved out of town, which meant she went to a boarding shelter.

She’s safe at Smart Dog Dallas, but Flower needs space to blossom.

“It’s an environment where she she needs more activity. She is a cattle dog, so she needs exercise, play time, and a lot of attention,” says Bloom.

Flower would love to put roots down in a “furr-ever” home. A new foster family would brighten her day, and yours!

“Fostering is one of the most amazing experiences; it’s not every day that you can help save a life,” says Bloom. “If you’re not ready to adopt a dog forever, it’s a great way to bring a dog into your home and give them a second chance.”

Come on, give this budding relationship a chance!