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DALLAS — Imagine a home with a nice yard, plenty of room, and a warm bed to sleep in at night. Now, picture that perfect world disappearing in an instant.

That’s where you find Fiona.

“We do think that she used to have a home, and maybe she just wandered a little too far,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

The nine-pound Chihuahua suddenly had a new life cooped up in a kennel.

“She was super scared, to the point that she was vomiting everywhere,” Edman said. “She didn’t even want to get up to see our evaluator. She just lay there, and obviously, she was really sad.”

On top of a broken heart, this underdog was under the weather.

“She had heart worm. She also had cherry eye and some hair loss we needed to take care of,” Edman said.

There was only one prescription, and it wasn’t more cowbell.

This girl needed a Dallas Pets Alive! foster.

“She started to improve pretty much right away once she got into a home, so we could tell she was a lot more comfortable not being in a kennel,” Edman said.

Now, though, she’s spent way too much time as a foster dog and not enough in a furrever home.

“Fiona is one of Dallas Pets Alive!’s longest stays,” Edman said. “She’s been with us since September of 2014.”

She qualifies as a senior, but that life experience has her prepped and ready to be a fixture with any family.

“If you’re an active household, she’s gonna be your girl,” Edman said. “If you like to lay down, she’s gonna be your girl. She just really needs a second chance at life.”

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