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To learn how to adopt a “Ruff Life” dog, visit Dallas Pets Alive.

Wonder why you shouldn’t feed your dog scraps from the dinner table? Well, leftovers from her first owners might have caused this dog to go blind.

“A blood vessel potentially popped in her eye due to eating too much human food,” says Leslie Sans, Executive Director of Dallas Pets Alive!

Abandoned or lost? Nobody is quite sure. But this pup showed up at Dallas Animal Services unkempt and ungroomed… it was not a pretty sight.

“She was a matted, stinky, horrible mess,” says Sans. “Nobody really wanted anything to do with her.”

No one, that is, except Dallas Pets Alive! They knew they could save her AND give her a clever name for good measure.

“She had kind of this pouffy blonde hair before she got groomed and she was kind of petite so they went with Stevie Nicks,” says Sans.

But all that extra hair was dragging Stevie Nicks down. But, after a quick “snip-snip” there was a happy dog underneath all that fur.

“Her attitude completely changed too, because she was clean and healthy and able to live a good life now underneath all of that stink,” says Sans.

It wasn’t long until Stevie’s new “do-over” won her a “furr-ever” home and another new name, Maggie.

“When I first got her she was very shy and just kind of kept to herself,” says Maggie’s new owner, Natalie Rose. “But the more I loved on her, the more she warmed up to me.”

Maggie isn’t the liveliest dog… that is, unless her owner Natalie Rose is getting home.

“Whenever I come home from work in the afternoons, she’s a completely different dog and she runs in little circles and barks at me and begs for attention,” says Rose.

Maggie has ditched the long hair and Hannibal Lecter mask and now she can’t see herself living anywhere else.