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DALLAS – When Dallas Pets Alive! found Cricket, she could barely “chirp” at all.

“Things were looking very bleak for her,” says Suleika Bloom, fundraising director for Dallas Pets Alive!

With a gaping wound on her hind leg and a tumor on her breast, this terrier’s chances of getting out of the shelter were next to nil.

“Shelters don’t have enough money to put this immediate attention and the medical care that is needed,” says Bloom. “We knew we had to get out of the shelter to give her a fighting chance.”

Once a veterinarian checked her out, it turned out cricket’s condition was not as bad as first believed.

“The wound was easy to take care of. They just stitched it right up,” says Bloom. “Vets also removed the tumor in her breast and thankfully, it turned out to be non-cancerous.”

After the procedure, she was fine physically. But, now her mental scars needed some tender love and care.

“When she first went to the foster home, she just stayed in a corner in the room and she wouldn’t move. She was absolutely terrified of her new surroundings,” says Bloom.

Slowly, Cricket learned to relax and finally got a fur-ever home.

“The people have a small child and two other rescue dogs,” says Bloom. “She just turned out to be an amazing fit for their family and her entire pack.”

Now it looks like Cricket doesn’t have to worry about “ruff” times anymore.