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DALLAS – If you don’t believe in love at first sight, that just means you’ve never met Brie.

“I was just discovering Dallas since I had just moved in, and I walked into to this adoption event,” said Claudia Deliz, who adopted Brie from Dallas Pets Alive!. “She was just sitting there looking super gorgeous.”

Brie and Claudia found each back in 2016, and they’ve been living it up ever since!

“She was completely scared of everything,” Deliz said. “Any loud noises, and anything like that. Now she loves everybody, she runs everywhere, she plays!”

If you want to see some of Brie’s adventures, this Instagram star does it all in high fashion. She’s been so great, Claudia’s thinking about becoming a foster!

If you think you could help Dallas Pets Alive! by adopting or fostering an animal, check out their website.