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DALLAS – A stray, roaming the streets of Dallas, lost and blind. Homer was lost in a lot of ways.

“We just can’t imagine this poor guy walking around Dallas, just trying to sniff out everything,” says Leslie Sans, Executive Director of Dallas Pets Alive!

Homer ended up in the shelter — not a fun place for any dog, but an especially rough time for one in the dark.

“He’s sitting in the shelter and the poor guy can smell all these other dogs and hear all these other dogs,” says Sans. “It was just a horribly intense experience for him.”

And there he sat, and sat, but nobody wanted to roll the dice on a dog who couldn’t see.

“People just don’t know how to react to a blind dog sometimes,” says Sans. “It’s a risk that you’re going to take, even though it is so easy.”

So, Dallas Pets Alive! got him a temporary foster home. And despite his lack of vision, he’s getting around pretty well.

“He kind of uses his paw to reach out and feel, kind of like a human blind person would,” says Sans.

But Homer is still looking to find someone who’s going to love him.

“He can’t find his ‘furr-ever’ home, it’s just really sad,” says Sans. “He’s been to several adoption events. He is so popular. Everybody loves him that comes up after him.”

Can you see a way to give this lovable guy a home?