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DALLAS — When Banjo showed up at the shelter as a stray, the matted mutt looked more like a Muppet than a dog.

“He looked like ‘Sweetums’ from the Muppets. You couldn’t even see his eyes,” says Haley Edman, marketing director for Dallas Pets Alive!

Looking like he did, Banjo could hear the ominous notes of “doggie death row” closing in. But a good haircut took Banjo from backwoods dirty to “yoga pose worthy.”

“He was a ‘doga expert.’ You would have never known from looking at him when he was a matted mess that he was such a handsome little boy,” Edman says.

A picture of Banjo on the standing on the back of a women doing yoga is what sealed the deal for his new owner Shannon Foster.

“It was love at first sight on the internet, but it wasn’t It was Dallas Pets Alive,” says Foster.

Banjo, now named Bodie, has only been in his new “fur-ever” home for a week, so he’s still learning the ropes.

“He needs to work on his inside manners and a little bit of outside manners,” Foster says. “But he is so loving, it’s been great.”

That has everybody singing a much happier tune.