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DALLAS — With a flowery name like Sweet Pea, you might expect a small dog lying in a garden of gardenia, but this Sweet Pea ain’t no pansy, y’all!

One thing she is, though, is a mystery to most.

“She was found on the side of the road in East Dallas by some Good Samaritans,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

With no one looking for the brindle beauty, they called Animal Control only to find out there was no place for the fine young girl. So what did they do? They took her in as Dallas Pets Alive! fosters.

“She hit the jackpot with these people who found her because not many people are capable or have the means to take a dog in their home to actually foster,” Edman said.

She was healthy and growing, pretty and playful. Then, she revealed her true talent as “The Greatest Olympian Known to Dog!”

“This dog can run, and when I say she can run, she is fast!” Edman said.

And yeah, she’s got motivation behind her gold medal gait. Sweet Pea’s got a sweet tooth for squirrel chasing.

She’s also got the polished poise of an Olympian to go with that athletic skill.

“She gets along great with every human she meets,” Edman said. “She’s working on her social skills a little bit with foreign dogs, but she gets along great with her two resident foster siblings.”

And don’t worry! This uber athlete likes to cuddle too, so if you’re ready to go for the gold, Sweet Pea’s running your way!

If you’re interested in Dallas Pets Alive! and their animals head to their website.  As part of a special right now, Sweet Pea is only $25 til the end of December!