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NORTH TEXAS — All dogs deserve a good home, and Alexia has earned hers.

“She was bred multiple times. You can tell just by the way her body is,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. “She was walking with a limp while she was at Dallas Animal Services. It was hard for her to stand up for a long time to the point where she would just go out to the yard and fall down.”

The seven-year-old pit bull might as well have her picture next to the dictionary definition of “Ruff Life.”

With summer on the way, though, the prospects for Alexia are warming up, and she’s slowly stepping toward that sunny season.

“She loves to bathe outside. She could lie in the sun for hours at a time,” Edman said.

So, should we get the iconic red swimsuit ready?

“This definitely could be a beach dog, just no Baywatch action,” Edman said.

Okay, so scratch the bathing suit, but keep the slow motion movement. Got it!

It sounds like she’s down for some beach buddies, too.

“She’s actually pretty popular at doggie daycare right now, but just as much as she likes to be social, she likes to go home and get her beauty rest,” Edman said.

Alexia’s an older girl who’s still up for fun — as long as fun means chilling out with her forever family.