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To learn how to adopt a “Ruff Life” dog, visit Dallas Pets Alive.

“Out of nowhere this wonderful stray dog showed up to say hello. She found us, usually it’s the other way around,” says Dallas Pets Alive! fundraising director Suleika Bloom.

Turns out, this wasn’t just a lost puppy, but a lifelong stray who happened to wander into the right spot.

“She was extremely underweight, as you can imagine, as a stray just eating garbage or anything she could get her hands on,” says Bloom.

So DPA took her in, fattened her up a little, and gave her a name: Eevee.  And yes nerds, she is named after the Pokemon.

Eevee didn’t turn out to have the baggage that usually comes with dogs who have never known a home.

“One thing about a lot of stray dogs is they are shy of people, they don’t trust people, they don’t like people,” says Bloom. “But with Eeve she loves people and that’s a quality you just can’t teach a dog.”

Any fitness freak would love to have Eevee around.

“If someone loves to run, they will find Eevee to be an amazing running partner because she is very athletic and just loves to get a lot of exercise,” says Bloom.

Now all this former stray needs is to  “level up” with some “rare candy” and find a “furever” trainer.