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Pit Bull With Broken Legs Finds New 'Hope'

DALLAS — No one knows exactly where this story of “Hope” begins. This pit bull was picked up as a stray and they think she had been hit by a car. When Dallas Pets Alive! found her, she could barely even walk.

“She would just crawl on her front legs,” says Leslie Sans Executive Director of Dallas Pets Alive! “She was beautiful but you could tell she was in total pain because she couldn’t get up.”

Time was ticking for Hope, but it wasn’t easy to find a temporary foster family to take in a pit bull who would could barely stand up.

“We pleaded for a foster for Hope for over a month,” says Sans. “We are so grateful to Dallas Animal services to allow us to plea her that long because usually it doesn’t work like that.”

Hopes hind legs were broken but after surgery she was back on her paws, and what do ya’ know, that foster family became her “furr-ever” home.

“We started out fostering just so she wouldn’t get put down. These two (pointing to dog and her daughter) became best friends,” says Debra Arnett pointing to her daughter Jazmine. “The breed itself, there is such a prejudice against it, that I just wanted to make sure she was taken care of.”

“She runs with me, plays with me, protects me,” says Jazmine. “She’s like a sister to me, like a twin because we’re both the same age.”  The same age in dog years, that is.

From abandoned on the side of the road, to sleeping with her new sister every night. It’s a good thing that we kept “Hope” alive.