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ROWLETT, Texas — Rowlett’s present situation was no gift this Christmas weekend, and families weren’t the only ones displaced by the deadly tornadoes. Dozens of family pets have been separated from their homes.

“There’s so much destruction — houses gone, fences knocked down, dogs, cats are everywhere,” Animal Control Officer Asher Moore explained.

People have been flocking to social media pages like those belonging to the Rowlett Animal Shelter, Lost & Found Pets From North Texas Tornadoes, and other nearby shelter pages to help find their furry friends. Folks are also seeking help at the Rowlett Animal Shelter.

“Most citizens are coming to the shelter to try to find out if we do have their animal,”  Moore said.  “We do ask anybody if they’ve found a pet, please let us know, even if they want to keep it themselves and try to find the owner. Let us know what they have, so we can try to make contact. It’s been a revolving door, which is great because so many of them have been claimed.”

Hopefully, one pup we met will be among those returned home.

“We found this little dog Saturday night after the storm,” Kevin Cosey said.  “Found her in Mesquite, actually. My wife found her on her way to work, and she was limping around in the street. We got her information off her chip, and we’re going to try to get her home today.”

“Looks like she has a leg injury,” Cosey said while pointing out her hind leg. “She’s a nice, sweet dog.  She’s really sweet. So hopefully, her family is home so we can get her back home. I know they’re missing her.”

“The city has really opened up its arms, and we have a ton of food, blankets, towels,” Moore added. “It’s awesome. Part of what we do here, and why we do what we do. We want to know what’s going on and try to reunite, plus with social media, but with so many outlets out there, we don’t want any dog or cat overlooked.”