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FRISCO, TX — Cowboys fans turned out in droves for Rally Day at AT&T Stadium, and Sunday’s showdown with the Packers is already creating divisions!

“She feels in her heart that Green Bay is going to beat the Cowboys,” said one Cowboys fan standing next to her daughter, decked out in Packers gear. “Never! It’s a mother/daughter rivalry!”

Well if the Boys beat the Pack they’ll be on their way to their first NFC Championship Game in 21 years. So what’s caused the drought?

Well what if the Cowboys are cursed and we didn’t even know it? And what if the curse is the Cowboys mascot: Rowdy?

Here are the facts: seven months after Dallas won Super Bowl XXX they introduced a new mascot: a smiling cowboy named Rowdy.

Since then, the Boys have only won three playoff games, and have never made it passed the divisional round. Pretty suspicious!

When we asked Rowdy out at Rally Day what his thoughts on the curse were, he threw up the ‘X’ and proceeded to dance. So we’ll take it that Rowdy doesn’t believe in curses.

And the fans out at Rally Day love him, even if he might be a jinx that’s kept Dallas out of the Super Bowl since 1996!

Well tomorrow, Dak and the Boys will be out on this field, 60 minutes away from the conference title game, and erasing the Rowdy Curse!