Routh Trial Day 3: Uncle Describes Smoking Pot with Routh

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STEPHENVILLE, Texas–There’s nothin’ like gettin’ high with your uncle.

Wait. What?

Eddie Ray Routh apparently got high with his uncle the morning before he went to a gun range with american sniper Chris Kyle and Kyle’s friend Chad Littlefield.

The uncle, James Watson, testified Friday that they had a “spiritual talk” while passing the pipe.

He also said they *might* have had some whiskey that morning, too.

Watson says Routh didn’t have much “joy for life” after serving in the military.

Jurors also saw some of the drug paraphernalia cops found in Routh’s apartment.

They found a lot of ammunition, too. Yikes!

One deputy said he heard Routh in jail, saying he killed Kyle and Littlefield, because they wouldn’t talk to him.

Kyle’s widow has been in court every day, waiting to find out whether Routh will get prison time for the murders or be sent to a mental institution.

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