Roommates’ Star Wars vs. Star Trek feud ends in assault, arrest

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Oklahoma City, OK – A pair of roommates really take their love of classic space franchises seriously. So seriously, in fact, that police were called!

Jerome Whyte, 23, was arrested for assault after he and his roommate got into an altercation about whether Star Wars or Star Trek was better. It’s unknown who sided with which franchise, but their argument led to a brawl and a knife being pulled!

According to a report from the Oklahoma City Police, the roommates began arguing over the franchises leading to Whyte’s roommate calling him a “trick.” Whyte’s roommate headed back to his room, and Whyte allegedly followed him, pushed him to the ground and eventually choked him.

The roommate, “fearing for his life,” reached for a pocket knife that was on his night stand, according to a report. Whyte allegedly fled after being cut by the knife, and was booked by police after they were called.

Whyte remains in custody on a $4,000 bond. He also had outstanding warrants including possession of marijuana.

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