Rooftop Robin: Woman Sits on Roof to Raise Donations for Food Pantries

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ARLINGTON, TX – When it comes to charity, some folks go to great heights to raise awareness. And that’ just what one woman is doing in Arlington.

Meet Robin Evans, she’s hanging out on the roof of All Saints Lutheran Church to help raise awareness for local pantries in the Metroplex in hopes that folks donate thousands of pounds of food to help feed families.

But this isn’t her first rodeo.

“This is our sixth year to do this,” Robin Evans said. “And we come up with an amount of pounds and once it’s set– and I get up here – I don’t come down until we reach that amount of pounds. Our goal this year is 150,000 pounds.”

Holy cannoli, that’s a lot of food; or at least it seems that way.

“Really, 150,000 pounds will go like that. It goes by so fast,” Evans said.

It’s, been a long time coming since Robin first started. Her first year’s demand was a mere 25,000 pounds.

As for the time she spends with high hopes, at a high altitude?

“My shortest time has been the one day, the overnight,” Evans said. “And since then I averaged about four days.”
Apparently a small price to pay, for a bigger issue at hand.

“We take food for a blessing,” Evans said. “We’re in America, we should not have this problem, but we do, and this is what we’re called to do.”

Kind of puts a spin on raising the roof.

Keep on rockin’ Robin!

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