Rolling Out the Truth? Rolling Stone Apologizes for Rape Article

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CAROLLTON, TX-I'm sorry, two words that don't roll off the tongue too easily. But they're two words that Rolling Stone Magazine had to post up to readers. On Friday, they retracted their initial story “A Rape on Campus” about an alleged gang rape on the University of Virginia.

According to their statement, sexual assault allegations made by Jackie, a UVA student, against members of a fraternity, don’t add up in hindsight.

The frat says there was no party on the night Jackie claims to be raped. Raising the question, could this be a case of the girl who cried wolf?

Rolling Stone says "We are taking this seriously and apologize to anyone who was affected by the story." An apology that is taking on some scrutiny.

But there's no need to muddy the water, speaking out against sexual assault is a courageous act on its own.

That's a lesson these Creekview High School students in Carrollton learned firsthand. The school district teamed up with domestic violence advocates in the Love is Digital Campaign, raising awareness about cyber abuse in the age of social media.

Telling students of personal accounts of abuse and spreading the message of hope.

“Anytime there's any kind of violence it needs to be addressed, students need to know and people need to know that it’s not okay," said Principal Joe La Puma.

Here's hoping we can end and issue that seems to be rolling out of control.

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