Risky Business: What Kills More People Than All Drugs Combined?

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A cigarette.
A cocktail.
A joint.

One of these things is far less likely to kill you than the others, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC says 480,000 people die every year from smoking, second-hand smoke or using some other tobacco product.

"Nicotine is highly addictive. It actually alters brain chemistry," said "Dr. James" Pinckney of Diamond Physicians in Dallas. "It increases dopamine levels indirectly."

Surely alcohol and drugs can top that, right?


Well, the CDC says alcohol's linked to about 29,000 deaths every year.


So, how about illegal drugs? Get ready. brace yourself.
4,000 deaths. That's all illegal drugs. Cocaine, heroin, you name it.

Now, for our Last Dance with Mary Jane. (Oh. I hope Tom Petty doesn't want me to pay him for that.)
Wanna take a guess at how many people die from getting stoned every year?
The *blunt* truth is...


"When you combine tobacco and alcohol, the effects are devastating. Those two things caused 120 times more deaths than all other illicit drugs combined," Dr. James said. "Marijuana actually didn't cause ANY deaths.

But wait a minute!

How about all of that talk about marijuana being the dreaded "gateway drug?!" The numbers show people who use illicit drugs usually *do* start with pot.

And pot's getting more popular these days.

Almost one in ten of us admit using it, according to a new survey, while the number of drinkers and smokers is falling.

So maybe we'll all live long, mellow lives.

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