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We could all use a good laugh from time to time and thanks to one Dallas woman’s dream, audiences from around the country are enjoying comedy on the stage and in the classroom at the hottest comedy house in Dallas.

“It’s not a secret that Dallas Comedy House is not just a random name, we wanted that house portion to feel like a second home for people” says Amanda Austin.

Austin is the brain behind Dallas comedy house, a dream that meant big sacrifices.

She says “It really came about when I started taking some comedy classes and realized, ‘oh hey I think I like this. I’d like to do more of this.’ I took some classes in some other cities, found some mentors and then quit my job and sold my house.”

Amanda believed Dallas needed a premier comedy house and while people were supportive, creating a place for people to learn and enjoy comedy wasn’t without it’s risks.

“It did seem a little crazy to leave a good paying job with a great organization and downsize everything and risk it on something where the business model is actually grounded on the business of making things up”

Today Dallas comedy house is a sought after escape for people from all walks of life.

“We like that welcoming vibe of ‘hey come in. Everybody is welcome. There is something for everybody’” she says.

From the classroom to the stage, DCH can really change people’s lives.

“It’s interesting to watch body language when people walk into shows” says Austin. “Particularly if they are not familiar with Dallas Comedy House or they just aren’t familiar with being a comedy audience and they are not sure what they are expecting. And as they ease into a show it’s amazing to see the body language change and they realize everybody is on the same team.”

Dallas Comedy offers shows and classes for standup, sketch, improv, storytelling and more! Visit for more info!