Ring the Alarm: Tornado Sirens Malfunction, Disrupt Neighbors

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FORT WORTH, TX -- Let’s face it, the buzz from a morning alarm clock can come as a startle sometimes. But, the folks in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of Fort Worth got another kind of rude awakening.

The screeching howls of nearby tornado sirens sounded off early Wednesday and Thursday, then again in the evening. There’s just one problem -- it was a false alarm.

“Yesterday morning, around 6:20, we started getting calls that several of the sirens were malfunctioning,” says Juan Ortiz, spokesman for Fort Worth’s Office of Emergency Management.

Officials are taking the malfunction seriously. Ortiz says technicians are working to solve the source of the glitch and are looking closely at the early warning system.

"We've ruled out some of the equipment failures and computer failure issues. We're getting pretty close to learning what the issue was," Ortiz says.

But, that is too assuring for some residents, who were caught off guard by the sirens.

"I think what we need to know in the community is how to discern the difference between the testing of these sirens and when there is truly an emergency," says a concerned Fort Worth resident.

Trust is a crucial part of this system because many North Texans rely on these sirens to alert them of any potential threats. They need to count on them to work right when they’re needed the most.

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