Right Decision? TCU Snubbed from Playoffs

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broken heart

FORT WORTH, TX — So, Did you feel it? No, not another earthquake – it was collective heartbreak in the home of the Horned Frogs.

“I think it`s all political. I think they want big teams with money,” says TCU fan Brooks Aiken.

Word got around pretty quick that TCU was snubbed from the first-ever College football playoff.  Yeah, it wasn’t a pretty sight around the TCU campus.

“I expected us to only be knocked down to fourth,” says Aiken.

Still, some say they saw it coming. “It`s really sad but kind of expected. I don`t think anyone expected Ohio State to play that well,” says former marching band member Margaret Granado.

If getting bumped from the top four by Ohio State wasn`t bad enough, the committee added insult to injury by dropping TCU behind in-state rival Baylor. Talk about that bad news bears.

There is a purple lining to this dark cloud — the Frogs are going to a bowl. That’s right, they’ll go head to head with Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl.

Hey, these Horned Frogs may be an endangered species, but they’re still fierce — and they’re ready to prove the haters… we mean the selection committee, wrong.

“At the end of the day, we weren`t bowl eligible last year so this is a still a great season,” says Granado.

Hey after going 4-8 last year, it`s still been a banner season for the Frogs.

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