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RICHARDSON — At Richardson’s Reverie Bakeshop, the sweet treats don’t just taste good — they’re also good for you.  And when it comes to keeping a clean kitchen, owner Nancy Castillo doesn’t skimp on food safety.

“If you kind of look in our bakery, it’s open concept, so everybody can see everything,” Castillo told NewsFix. “You know, this is your food, we’re handling it correctly and there’s no mess.”

She’s not wrong, the place is spotless.

“We take it very, very, very seriously,” Castillo said.

That attention to detail has earned Nancy’s bakery a 100/100 score from Richardson’s Health Department.

“We’re proud of it,” Castillo said.  “We’ve received certificates for it from the city.”

Hey, that perfect score deserves to be seen.  Heck, so do bad health scores. Richardson is one of many cities that have health inspection scores available on their websites, but last week became one of the first cities in the country to put those scores on Yelp. You know, where people might actually look before going out to eat.

“Being one of the first in the country, and the first in the state, has been really exciting to us,” said Eric Matthews, Richardson’s Deputy CIO.

Nancy says making food safety scores more visible will benefit everyone, “Not only will it improve food quality and restaurant quality, but it’ll just make the city look great.”