Rescued Highway Dog ‘Elvis’ Raffled Off to New Owner

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Rescued Highway Dog ‘Elvis’ Raffled Off to New Owner
DALLAS, TX – Who’s dog is it anyway?

That’s what everyone is asking of Elvis. No, not the singer; the German Shepherd that took on rush hour traffic on Highway 67 last Wednesday morning.

Well, the HOV hero became an instant celebrity, and people flocked to the shelter, in hopes of adopting the adorable dog. Everyone came forward; make that everyone except for the dog’s owner.

“We just have a real big heart for German Shepherds,” Robert White said.

“It’s a smart animal [and it] stayed alive,” Isaac Elizondo said. “So again, you want to be a part of it.”

So, how do you make sure you play fair when folks are fighting for Fido? A raffle, of course.

The in-demand dog was raffled off Sunday Afternoon.

“I feel happy. I’m ready to take him home,” the winner, Jennifer Cuadra, said. “It looks like he’s been through a lot so I’m glad that we’re here, were able to get him, and now he’s coming home.”

Just a tip for the new owners — make sure your fence is really high.

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