Republicans Visit Dallas Looking for 2016 Convention Site

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A group of trophy elephants are being paraded around Dallas.

With impressions critical, city officials are sparing nothing to welcome visitors from the Republican National Committee. First-class accommodations and VIP tours have been setup for the site selection committee, who were greeted by dozens of fellow party supporters as they strolled through a decked out Victory Plaza.

Get the hint? We hope they do. These particular Republicans are in charge of a big decision on whether Dallas is the perfect backdrop for their convention in 2016.

We know we’re great. But, playing host to one of the Super Bowls of politics is a whole different ballgame. There was plenty to learn from the mistakes brought on by a freak ice storm during the NFL’s marque game in Arlington more than three years ago. But, officials say that’s all in the past and they are ready to show the rest of the country that North Texas knows how to throw a party.

“Our delegates and the press, the people and the families that are going to come here are going to feel so welcome. And our famous Texas hospitality i think will come through, ” says former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who was part of the Dallas group, rolling out the red carpet.

Denver, Cleveland and Kansas City are the four finalists still under consideration. The selection committee announced a final decision may come in August.

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