Report: TSA Failed to Find Fake Bombs 95% of the Time

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WASHINGTON, DC – TSA may not stand for Transportation Security Administration, but instead, the Three Stooges Agency. In an undercover operation, TSA agents failed 95% of the time to detect passengers carrying fake explosives and weapons.

The operation was conducted by undercover teams with the Department of Homeland Security.

“To miss 67 out of 70 different instances is extremely alarming and I would say even dangerous,” former TSA official Chad Wolf said.

TSA apparently stopped one undercover official who set off a magnetometer, indicating he was carrying a prohibited metal object, but they didn’t find the fake bomb taped to his back, even while patting him down.

“TSA needs to be completely reformed,” said Rep. John Mica of the House Transportation and Oversight Committee. “It’s security theatre and we need to be focused on real security and real steps that go after people that pose a risk.”

Homeland Security says it reassigned TSA’s acting administrator Melvin Carraway, but not because of the security failures. Deputy Director Mark Hatfield will take over until the president appoints a new director.

Until then, Homeland Security will try to figure out why $11 million spent on training over the past six years resulted in near-total failure in the nation’s airport security.

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