Report: ‘Star Wars’ Has Made More Money Than the Annual GDP of 10 Countries!

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HOLLYWOOD, CA — It appears Star Wars: The Force Awakens has awakened more than just the force.

The mega-blockbuster hasn’t even been on the big screen a month, and it’s already blown box office numbers out of the galaxy.

We’re talking over $760M, friends; and that’s just in the U.S..  You though the Powerball jackpot was huge!

Seriously, the movie has made more cash than previous record holder, Avatar. Even the notes the film has generated more money in the U.S., than the annual gross domestic product of 10-countries.

In fact, Star Wars is light years ahead of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by at least $30M. Wow! The film’s earnings could literally feed a small country..crazy.

But, let’s not forget about the merchandising. Yeah, all those Star Wars collectibles, toys and games are raking in the mad cash, too.

Speaking of games, look who’s “passing go” after collecting negative feedback? Toy giant, Hasbro, came under fire from the resistance after it was discovered Star Wars’ protagonist, Rey, was left out of the new Monopoly set.

The reason? Hasbro said the game was released well before the movie, and they didn’t want to be a spoiler.

But, following a slew of “where’s Rey” hashtags, not to mention an adorable plea penned by an 8-year-old that went viral, Hasbro announced Rey will be featured in the Star Wars game available later this year.

Now, if only other retailers would use the force and offer more Rey action figures.

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