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FRISCO — Is Randy Gregory’s NFL career over?

The Dallas Cowboys defensive end reportedly failed his SEVENTH drug test (that we know of). According to TMZ, Randy Gregory was tested back in February, and it came back positive for weed.

But hold up, Jerry Jones says not so fast.

“We had not been informed that he has,” Jerry Jones said during the NFL Draft post press conference. “I would be very skeptical of the information about anybody handling drug tests. Again, there’s times when numbers have not a bearing on stats. You follow me?”

Eh… we follow you. But uh, you didn’t flat out deny the report either. Mind you, Randy Gregory is already on suspension and will miss the entire 2017 season for a prior failed drug test.

“He has had some issues,” Jerry said.

We hear a “but” coming…

“I think he’s a great asset for the Dallas Cowboys. Now we need him on the field,” Jerry went on to say. “In the time that we watched him come back and play, candidly, I don’t think we saw that kind of talent in this draft. The point is, we do support him.”

The Cowboys drafted Randy Gregory in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

He’s only played in 14 games over his two-year career. Bottom line, looks like someone needs to learn to “Just Say NO.”