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FORT WORTH — There’s something to be said about a boy and his car. There’s more, though, to be said about a boy in his car.

“You’re not only gonna ride in this race car,” Mike Starr told Blake Pyron Monday. “You’re gonna drive this race car.”

Blake, if you remember, is the first business owner in Texas with Down Syndrome. This year he’s made the news, been on billboards in Times Square, had a national scholarship started in his name, and had his business, Blake’s Snow Shack, featured as the main sponsor of a NASCAR Sprint Cup car.

Now, with his own Blake’s Snow Shack car at Team Texas High-Performance Driving School in Fort Worth, he can truly ride in style.

“Blake Pyron,” he said, reading the name above the driver’s window. “You like it?” Billy Pyron asked. “Yeah!” the always bubbly Blake replied.

“We’re extremely proud to get on the bandwagon, show everybody about Blake and show everybody that a special needs kid can even have a business,” Starr said.

But why is Starr so invested in Blake’s story?

“I have a very inspirational, amazing son,” he said. “He’s 19 years old. It’s Tanner Starr, and he has Down’s.”

Blake and Tanner are actually old friends, and now Tanner’s dad is keeping the dream alive with a 700 horsepower race-used NASCAR.

“We were very inspired, and we were very excited. We loved every second of working on this car and producing this car for Blake,” Starr said.

“His name on it, the Snow Shack name on it,” Pyron said. “It was just, I couldn’t believe it.”

If you can’t wait to see it in person, you have a couple options. You can check out Team Texas Driving School, or if you go to Santa’s Village at the Texas Motor Speedway’s Gift of Lights. Inside the garage are most of the Team Texas cars, including the No. 84 Blake’s Snow Shack Chevy.