Remarkable Women Finalist Julie Davis-Colan is helping kids become leaders

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Throughout February we will be highlighting remarkable women, including the four finalists who are in the running for the top prize: an all expenses paid trip to the Mel Robbins Show in New York City!

Julie Davis-Colan was nominated when we put the call out, and she quickly rose to the top to become one of the finalists.

Julie is the co-founder of the Dallas-based consulting firm, The L Group. The group works with businesses, organizations, and individuals to develop and hone leadership skills.

She’s the author of 5 books, including The Power of Positive Coaching, and is on the board of Engage, an organization devoted to positive parenting support for families affected by poverty or adversity.

“My life mission would be to help individuals find and take action on their god-given potential.”

Julie Davis-Colan

What makes her stand out, however, isn’t her work with Fortune 500 companies or growing nonprofits such as the American Heart Association. It’s the impact she’s had right here in North Texas on the lives of young people.

15-years-ago Julie started a speaking skills program at her children’s school. The program teaches kids from first grade to high school the art and skill of public speaking.

At its core, Julie wants to teach these kids how to reach their full potential.

“My life mission” she says, “would be to help individuals find and take action on their god-given potential. So I love to help people find where they are and helo them get where I think they can be.”

After 15 years, the program has been enveloped into the curriculum at Prestonwood Christian Academy.

Julie has been helping people realize their potential and develop into leaders for 30 years, and she’s worked with companies such as Home Depot, Westinghouse, and Coca-Cola. You would think being nominated as a CW33 Remarkable Woman would come as no surprise, but it was.

When she found out, she says she was “overwhelmed with sweetness….it’s just very sweet to think that and express that, and I appreciate that.”

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