Religious Freedom: Lawsuit Against Dallas Synagogue Tossed Out

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DALLAS — Rabbi Yaakov Rich, who runs a synagogue out of The Highlands of McKamy neighborhood in far North Dallas, is well, ecstatic that his prayers were answered.

“Unbelievably elated,” Rabbi Rich said. “There’s been a tremendous amount of pressure, concern, and worry.”

The rabbi was in the courtroom Wednesday when the judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by one of his neighbors who wanted Congregation Toras Chaim out of the neighborhood.

The signs, “Keep Us Residential Only,” are still in the yards of those opposed the house of prayer, but Rabbi Rich is opening his door to those who wanted it closed for good.

“Come in. Take a look and see what we are doing. We want to be good neighbors.”

Even though they won a legal victory, Rabbi Rich says they are seeking a much bigger win.

“The real victory will be when we can stand arm and arm together,” Rabbi Rich said.  “That we can participate as one unified group in this neighborhood and respectful for what each other is doing.’

Hey, can’t we all just get along?

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