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DALLAS — President Trump’s immigration order sparked more than just protests at airports.  It also triggered a flood of support for organizations like Refugee Services of Texas.

“We’ve received so many wonderful notes,” said Kayla Parker with RST.  “Our donations for the month of January were matched in the last three days.”

That money will go directly toward helping refugees, in all kinds of ways.

“We do everything from setting up their apartments, picking them up from the airport, get the kids in school, assist them with English language learning, cultural orientation,” said Parker.  “All the way through if they wish to apply for citizenship.”

Safe to say, they get to know these folks pretty well.

“They are remarkably like us,” Parker told NewsFix.

“If you can imagine in your head what it would be like to have your home uninhabitable due to either war or persecution, to have to just pick up and leave, that’s who refugees are. People who want to get their kids in schools and to build lives here.”

Of course, first, the refugees have to get here.

“The average wait time for a refugee in a refugee camp is seven years, and then you add on the 18-24 months of vetting,” Parker said, citing a report from the UN High Commission on Refugees.  “So this isn’t something anyone comes into lightly, and it’s a very, very long – I believe 16-step – vetting process. These are some of the most heavily-vetted people coming across our borders.”

Well, while we wait to see what the future of America’s refugee program will look like, the folks at Refugee Services of Texas will be putting those boosted donations to work, helping those who are already here.

That’s the good news.

“But there’s 21.3 million refugees in the world,” Parker said, “And we want the chance to help more.”