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IRVING — Last month, we joined in the hunt to find the owners of a family quilt blown off the side of the road. That case was successfully solved, but the roadside recoveries continue.

Now we’re riding a slippery slope into fine art!

“We were just kinda taking a walk during our lunch break, getting some fresh air, and it was just kinda laying there in the grass,” Luke Carper recounted Tuesday.

So what was it he and his wife saw next to the parking garage by Irving’s Williams Square?

“It’s a really lovely painting, and it’s to some people, a whole bunch of people, and it’s signed by a ton of people,” Carper said.

With 30-40 signatures in all on the painting, Carper’s next move was to take to social media. He considered posting on a Facebook group.

“There was stuff for lost cats or dogs, but lost paintings isn’t exactly a super popular topic,” he laughed.

So he went to Reddit. We at CW33 and some other internet sleuths took to the case. The break came with a name written along the ski lift post, Travis Cottrell, an employee at Irving’s Pioneer Natural Resources.

“There were two different branches, one in Colorado, one somewhere here in Texas, I’m assuming here in Irving,” Carper said. “The people who signed it were sending it as a gift to the people here in Texas.”

When you look at the names the painting’s addressed to, they match exactly with the men in charge at Pioneer.

“I just want whoever it’s supposed to go to to get it, and hopefully it’s something they actually wanted,” he laughed.

It sounds like Carper’s resolve helped run this one all the way from the summit to the bottom of the hill. Pioneer COO Timothy Dove contacted CW33 Tuesday afternoon about getting the painting from Carper and back into their family.