Red-Light Cameras Shut Down in City of Richardson!

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RICHARDSON -- All over North Texas people run red lights. In fact, people run red lights a lot.

Sometimes it's on purpose, sometimes it’s an accident. But when that $75 fine arrives in the mail, reality and remorse set in.

Well, if you live in the city of Richardson, you just caught a big break. They've just suspended their red-light camera program until further notice.

It's all due to a Dallas county judge ordering the city of Richardson to dismiss a red-light camera ticket given to attorney Russell  Bowman and awarding him a whopping $27,000 for his legal fees.

"I’m a little surprised because I figured they would just keep the status quo, keep operating them as usual,” said Bowman.

The red-light suspension doesn't mean everyone is off the hook, though. Those caught by the cameras before Tuesday still have to pay their fine. And the only other city we could find that's ditched their cameras is Arlington. So, watch out if you're driving in Dallas and Fort Worth, the red light cameras are still rolling.

Also, keep in mind, when it comes to Richardson, the ruling doesn't mean the cameras are gone for good.

"All this is, with the judge’s current ruling, is round one, the second inning of a nine-inning of a baseball game. It’s still got a long way to go," said Bowman.

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