Recipe for Disaster: Johnny Football in Vegas with Famous Chef?

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LAS VEGAS -- Easter is the time for redemption and forgiveness. Everyone knows that, perhaps except Johnny Manziel. There's a pic on Instagram showing Manziel clubbing in Vegas, and look who mixed in: famous chef Mario Batali!

Batali posted this while most of you slept overnight. The caption: 'Turns out Johnny Manziel is pretty pretty cool.'

We don`t know when it was taken. Last night? Last week? Last year?

BUT, if Johnny is in Vegas, it won't help him 'luck-out' for a new job in the NFL. He's a man without a team since the Browns got fed-up with his partying and cut-him. And then there's his legal issues. A Dallas County Grand Jury is looking into a scuffle with an ex-girlfriend at Hotel ZaZa -- one that comes with surveillance video.

So why would Manziel even think a holiday weekend in Vegas is a good idea?

Maybe he thought since Easter and 'chicks' go together.........why not Vegas?

Hey, footballs kind of have the same shape as Easter eggs, right?

Well, this looks like it could be another 'recipe' for disaster in Manziel's troubled playbook.

And in the spirit of the holiday, if he really is partying in Vegas, he's truly an egghead!

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