Recall Recoil: Remington Replacing Rifles Over Trigger Glitch

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Don’t get too trigger happy folks! Looks like the country’s oldest gun maker might have some folks unwrapping their Christmas gifts a little early this year.

After a nationwide settlement filed Friday with The Feds, Remington is recalling some of their rifles.

“The model 700 is one of the most popular rifles ever, but it was just those triggers that were put on that’s the issue,” said Cody Henslee with Fort Worth Gun.

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Yeah, the “iconic” model 700 rifle series reportedly has been to blame for at least two dozen deaths and more than one hundred serious injuries according to a special investigation by CNBC.

For years, gun owners claimed the rifle would involuntarily fire without pulling the trigger.

“… what it does is if something’s bumped hard enough it reaches that connector and it then it`s able to set off the negligence discharge, basically,” explained Henslee.

Remington fired off a press release saying their “gun fix” is not a recall.

But if you check out their website … They’ve posted an online recall notice.

The gun company says they’ve “determined some model 700 and model seven rifles with XMP triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge.”

They’ve also added the model 887 shotgun to the recall list, warning customers the gun could unintentionally “discharge when chambering a live round.”

“They’re just doing the responsible thing and getting them back as soon as possible,”added Henslee.

So, if you picked up one of these babies on Black Friday hope you saved your receipt.

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